A & A ENLOE STORAGE          


self storage, is used by homeowners, renters, businesses, military personnel, and many others to store excess items. Homeowners use mini storage containers to clear up clutter in their home or garage, while moving to another home, or while remodeling or selling their current home.  It is also often used to store seasonal items, sentimental things, extra furniture, or even classic cars. Renters often use storage to store furniture, appliances, clothing, and other items that may be too small to fit into an apartment but are too valuable to give or throw away. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to use storage to store their excess inventory, office supplies, patient records, tools & equipment, and more. Many businesses are finding out that it is more economical to rent storage than to expand their office space. With their extra clutter in storage they have more time to concentrate on what really matters. There are a variety of different self storage sizes to choose from ranging from 5x5 units all the way to 10x30 or even larger units.

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